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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer Travel, Don't Forget Your Green Gadgets

 Happy Summer. Summer is the time of year when families from coast to coast decide to go on vacation. Even though you hate to admit it we want to go somewhere but we know we are addicted to our electronic gadgets. Where ever you finally choose your vacation this summer,  whether the beach, the mountains, at a campsite , abroad or even in your own backyard, you will find plenty of distinctive green gadgets that will make the experience so much more entertaining. Even though possessing these green gadgets isn't necessary to enjoy your  summer travels, they sure will make the entire experience so much more entertaining.
Charging cell phones, MP3 players, PDAs, cameras, and more can be a drain, especially if you are out and about with the family and there's no outlet in sight.  Outdoor Gadgets used to be limited to their battery life. But not anymore!! Taking a solar charger along on your getaway can help you avoid the dying cell phone disaster since it draws power from the sun to amp up nearly any device.

Solar chargers come in a range of shapes and sizes and can be separated into two categories: those with built-in batteries (which means you can store your sun power for later use) and those without batteries (they send the solar power straight to your player — no middle man, but also no reserve power once the sun sets). You may also choose one with a battery for use at home to save electricity: You can leave the charger in the sun all day (on a south-facing windowsill, for example), then come home and charge your device at night. A majority of the devices offer a female USB port, similar to what is on your computer. This USB port offers the flexibility of charging many electronics that already come with a USB cable, so searching for the right connector is not necessary.

Your mobile device can have as much fun in the sun as you deserve yourself,  so Happy Travels and don't forget your green gadgets.

Enjoy Your Vacation.

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  1. Solar chargers are convenient latest gadgets which can be used anywhere. this is good.