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Monday, June 21, 2010

Paper Vs. Plastic? How About Bring Your Own

How many times have you left to go shopping and have forgotten to bring along your own reusable shopping bags? I know I have many times.

Though we have the best intentions, we often forget to bring our reusable shopping bags with us when we're out. If that sounds familiar, you'll love these!
 ChicoBags Reuseable Shopping Bags - Set Of 3 - 1 Green - 1 Brown - 1 Purple
They compactly fold into their own tiny sewn-in pouch (about the size of a cell phone) to stay - on call - in purses, packs or pockets or on keychains. Featherweight nylon fabric means you'll never know they're there yet each holds a lot of weight and lots of items. They hold a LOT more than you would expect. 

There is an estimated 100 billion plastic shopping bags consumed each year in the USA, according to the Wall-Street Journal. 
Most plastic bags end up in landfills and the rest often end up in rivers, ponds, lakes, streams or in the sea, where animals can ingest or become entangled in them.

Adopting a Bring Your Own Bag strategy in our individual shopping habits is a simple way to do just that. If we can raise awareness at this time, the positive impact for the environment is incalculable for now and well into the future. Several cities have already made gradual but significant progress in promoting the use of eco-friendly non woven reusable grocery bags in recent years. Motivating consumers with plastic and paper bag bans, discounts at the register for reusable bag usage and tax motivations are a few to speak of.

Ten US cities have banned plastic bags so far, five within the past year.  California could become the first State to issue such a ban. Even Mexico City enacted a ban recently on plastic shopping bags.  The city of 20 million now faces the realities of effective enforcement, which is not easy when the Mexico City Chamber of Commerce estimates there are 35,000 vendors in Mexico City’s downtown area alone.     Via Tech with Us

The time is now to spread the word about the positive benefits of eco-friendly reusable shopping bags to influence our families, friends and communities.

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  1. I'm glad you do that. Last time I was at the grocery store, I was the only one in the store with my own bags. It is often that way. Maybe when people have to start PAYING for their bags, they'll bring their own. Money talks, right?