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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Israel, Eco Oasis

Israel, a small desert nation nestled in the heart of the Middle East, is providing a shining example of how environmental awareness, ecological innovation and sustainable development can blossom, even in an environment that can be harsh and unforgiving.

Despite being a tiny country with limited water and resources, Israelis are showing again and again their commitment to working with nature and developing technologies and setting standards that use resources sustainably and ecologically.

From the private sector to nonprofits to the government, there are inspiring projects underway in Israel in many arenas including sustainable building, recycling programs, water purification systems and ecological electricity production.

Developments such as the currently under-construction Eco Tower, which will be the first “green” office tower in Tel Aviv are setting the standard for sustainable building worldwide .

The eco office tower is being built under principles of using as much recycled and recyclable materials from sustainable sources as possible, utilizing solar power and water saving and recycling.

The tower will have a clearly marked separate plumbing system for recycled water that will be used to flush toilets as well as for watering the two gardens that will be an integral part of the green building design. This system alone is estimated to reduce water usage by 13,000 liters every day.

Infrared taps, humidity control and water-saving toilets are also being installed in the building to help reduce water consumption. With such a strong focus on water-saving, it is estimated that the tower will save over four million liters of water each year, when compared to equivalent office buildings in Israel.

An extensive array of photovoltaic panels will be installed on the roof of the office tower to supply the building’s electricity needs, with additional power potentially to be generated by wind turbines. To reduce the building’s electricity requirements, the tower has been designed with power-saving in mind.

Air conditioning use will be reduced due to windows being made from locally-produced insulated, recycled glass that allows almost two-thirds of natural light to pass through while reflecting more than a quarter of the sun’s heat – a vital consideration in the hot, dry climate of Israel. Read Full Story

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