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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Chili’s Touts Largest U.S. Roll-Out of LED Lamps

Chili’s Restaurant touts it is rolling out the largest U.S. installation of LED lamps, reports LEDS Magazine. The restaurant chain is in the process of installing 125,000 LED lamps for both interior and exterior lighting across all of its 827 restaurants. The installation is about 80 percent complete.

Brinker International, parent company of Chili’s Restaurants and Maggiano’s Restaurants, has recently installed LED lighting from Eco-story LED Lighting Solutions as part of a re-lamp project in all of its corporate restaurants, according to LEDS Magazine.

Eco-story claims this will be “the largest U.S. roll-out of LED lamp technology to date.

Brinker estimates that the LED lighting installations will save about $87.00 per store/per week, which translates into a savings of more than $3.7 million annually for 827 stores, according to the article.

Kevin Falconer, Brinker’s senior director of design told LEDS Magazine that the LED lamps are also improving the look and ambiance of the Chili’s restaurants. The lamps emit a warm-white light with a color temperature of 2700K, and are built using Cree XLamp LEDs.

A variety of lamp types have been retrofitted including the replacement of older lamps ranging from 30 W to 50 W with 4.9 W LED MR16s. Also replaced were 60 W PAR20 and PAR30 lamps with 6 W LED products. The restaurants also replaced candle bulbs and indoor/outdoor globe lights.

Other restaurant chains that have made the switch to LED lighting to save money and cut energy use include Applebee’s and Red Robin Restaurants.  Courtesy of Environmental Leader

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  1. I really enjoyed your post about Chili’s installing LED lamps in over 800 restaurants across the nation. LED lighting is the wave of the future; it is no wonder Chili’s would join this green-lighting revolution. Not only will they be doing their part for the environment, but they will be saving millions annually. That is certainly a win win situation for any business. I have only worked with Sharp for a short time, but I have always been impressed with the quality of products they have to offer. I recommend that you check out their LED lamps